Find a theme, Get Focused!

I have been working on the ‘theme’ for my new web presence project for Uni (WEB101 Assignment) and

finding a theme or refining the theme is probably more the key – I have gone back to one of my favourite web 2.0 tools – Wordle to help me find the key and come closer to my home.

I have some ideas as to what I want, but channeling it all into one pure ‘node’ (for want of a better word), has been a bit of a stumbling block….

As well as using Wordle, I have discovered the tools to WordPress and there is always more to learn, if you’re interested in finding out more – come with me while I go over and learn a little from ‘wordpress learn’
or check out Wordle if you want to be more creative! Wordle is great if you’re feeling stuck and you want to brainstorm an idea. Randomly write down words and see what you come up with!

     these are some of the ideas I am working on…

Word Maps created by Susi B @ Wordle

The core of my theme revolves around ‘Art’ and I had originally wanted it to be advisory in nature, as in, helping other artists to find their web presence. I have a lot of  artist friends who are not on the web yet but who want to be, and with my new-found understanding of the web 2.0 platforms I can perhaps offer some help in that area. After creating this Blog for Susi B Art, I decided to start another Blog for the purpose of helping others called ‘Ask Susi B‘ to cater for the need – as i often get asked ‘how to do things‘ on the web, which are really basic, but beyond the realm of self-help for really brand new beginners (who struggle even with Google!)

Now, rather than taking up loads of time on SKYPE explaining how to do things, I have started to collect and collate on another blog and keep this one just for art. The ‘web help‘ blog needs more time to create and present it as a finished product, so it will be a work in progress alongside this blog as my new web presence and keeping the focus on ‘art’.

word stacks compliments of  Wordle and susi b (b creative!)

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