Getting on with it…

Mind Map for Web Presence Theme by Wordle

Starting to feel a little more organised as i plough through the activities of setting up this new Blog and keeping up with my studies, but still need to take stock of what has to be done every day or so… i have tried making timetables, saving things in my calendar, writing notes, saving links, and copying and pasting instructions to my Blog…but alas, all to no avail! i just can’t get organised like i would like to with this new course! i am searching but haven’t yet found the key, currently the best method is – although rather time-consuming – going over my schedule every day, and setting a few targets on sticky notes to complete as best i can throughout the day.

And a fun method is to do some mind-maps, like the one above.
Doing a mind-map or a Wordle helps to get focused and

identify some of the problems that lead to procrastination…..

which, if you are not careful, can ultimately result in ‘overload/overwhelm’ syndrome

these are some common signs:

  • organising deficit – strive to be organised, but often fail to achieve a satisfied result
  • time deficit – when you are not organised, it makes you feel like you don’t have enough time
  • energy deficit – by the time you get organised, you are exhausted but then stay up late trying to finish off projects or tasks
  • focus deficit –  sometimes it is a lack of focus….or it can be from just getting too easily distracted from having too many things to do….!

Once identified it’s easy to work on these things one at a time and hopefully sort out some solutions that will solve these debilitating misdemeanors.
Lists are good, making a new list every morning helps me to re-focus and gives me a plan to follow. It is satisfying to mark off the tasks as they are completed,
and this also gives you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment which further develops confidence, and self-esteem.
Being aware of these problems is a start and it helps to develop a plan of action if one earnestly desires to rid oneself of these debilitating habits/conditionings.
I enjoy learning, and studying but i sometimes stress out doing it! [remember Catch 22!?] To avoid the stress, i have to remind myself to practice these points and
also keep my attention on my study commitments. Checking schedules and making plans on a daily basis will help to keep you on track and alleviate some of the panic and stress that builds up at the worst times – like when you fall behind!

Susi B, 2011 [feeling] ‘Trapped’

One other good way to relieve stress which i have noticed is… when i am doing my art – art makes me feel good – whenever i give myself a break from studying, and go out and do some painting, i always feel better, more refreshed, clearer in the head, and more focused!  It only takes a couple of minutes to have a break, and even if you get lost for an hour or so, it’s a positive and creative use of time and much better than just sitting at the computer for hours on end trying to study!

So remember to give yourself a break – it’s worth it and you’ll find you’re more productive in the end. Summing up, a couple of things coming to the fore here, stress management, time management, and study skills could be implemented into a daily routine and could be incorporated as a relevant theme also for my blog….as writing is also one of the best ways to relieve stress, clear your head and stimulate the creative juices. Keeping a diary or journal is a positive step in the right direction. Look out for a journal entry soon!

vsw14 - FocusSusi B, 2011  Focus

next…”Get Focused!”
s.b. :p)

2 Comments on “Getting on with it…”

  1. bbmurcia says:

    Hi SusiB..
    I think I’m suffering from deficit deficit..hearing you though- week 6 already!! agh!
    Fellow WEB101er

    • susibart says:

      OMG! i’ve never heard of that one bb :o) lol.
      I am still in shock to know that someone has read my thoughts….i thought this was private, how embarassing! hehehe, i am not used to wordpress yet i wonder if you can see all my start-ups?
      cheers, susi b 🙂

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